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How to Play

If you're looking to run a game, see the next box over. If you're looking to play in a game, you can see open Campaigns scrolling in the lobby or check on your Member menu.

Game can be run in several ways or, as most are, a hybrid. Real-time encounters with our 3D/VR encounters will be launching this year which is, of course, the main way to play. Games also have full management features, including Character management and messaging for continued play between live sessions.

Become a Game Master

Macray's Keep is only a framework that allows game masters to run their games and players from anywhere in the world to participate. If you'd like to run a game, click the Apply button to begin.

What is Macray's Keep?

Macray's Keep is a web site that facilitates the play of traditional, paper and pencil role-playing games via the web. Originally, the Keep's focus was play-by-post. With the advent of some newer technologies, we will be launching our real-time, multi-user 3D/VR encounters in the coming months. Stay tuned for beta-program announcements!