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Welcome to the Keep of Macray Blackhand. A Web site dedicated to the play of Role-Playing Games. This site, supports the creation of, as well as the continuing play of, multiple campaigns-each totally separate or integrated as the game master(s) desire. This complete environment allows game masters to enter, maintain, and present encounters to each group they have involved in their game. Each game or campaign has its own Messaging System where players can interact to discuss and post game moves. The Keep's Chat Parlor is also available to facilitate group sessions to resolve key encounters or combats. Game masters will also have special functions allowing them to add, modify, and activate encounters and events as well as create and maintain the characters in their campaigns. macray,keep,adventure,dungeon,dragon,role-playing,rpg,dragon,game,fantasy,role,play,d&d,d20,gygax,online role-playing,dungeons and dragons,online rpg Name,Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG,d20 Dogface,Castles & Crusades,Savage Worlds,Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition,Lejendary Adventure,GURPS,Middle Earth RPG,Earthdawn,Rolemaster,Rifts,Paranoia,Warhammer FRPG,Advanced D&D, 1st ed,Forge: Out of Chaos,Alternity,Dangerous Journeys,Call of Cthulu,Cyberpunk 2020,Shadowrun,Trinity,Dungeons and Dragons (Basic),Mage: The Ascension,Heroes Unlimited,Chill RPG,Robotech,Ars Magica,T4: Mark Miller's Traveller,Champions,Gamma World,Marvel Super Heroes,Twilight:2000,Traveller,Space:1889,MegaTraveller,DC Heroes,Changeling: The Dreaming,Legend of the Five Rings RPG,Talislanta,Battletech,Star Trek RPG,In Nomine,Star Wars RPG,Deadlands,TORG,Heavy Gear,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,Villains and Vigilantes,FUDGE,Wraith: The Oblivion,Werewolf: The Apocalypse,Tunnels and Trolls,Hong Kong Action Theater,Runequest,Advanced D&D, 2nd ed (Player's Options),Vampire: The Masquerade,Amber,World of Darkness Crossover,7th Sea,Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition,Thrash,2300AD,Palladium RPG,Dryhtin: the Known World,d20 Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition,d20 Star Wars,HackMaster,Diplomacy,Exalted,d20 Spycraft,Wheel of Time,d20 Wheel of Time,d20 Call of Cthulhu,d20 Modern,d20 Generic,Advanced D&D, 2nd ed,d20 The End,d20 Stargate SG-1,(d20 interface) Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition