Macray's Keep

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Rebirth of the Keep

Macray's Keep is back! Well, sort of. What began over 20 years ago will be rebuilt from scratch. This is going to take some time, but feel free to check back and see our progress!

  • 04/17/2019 - Messaging is in early testing

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Become a Game Master

Macray's Keep is only a framework that allows game masters to run their games and players from anywhere in the world to participate. If you'd like to run a game, click the Apply button to begin.


What is Macray's Keep?

Macray's Keep is a web site that facilitates the play of traditional, paper and pencil role-playing games via the web. Originally, the Keep's focus was (and will be) play-by-post. With the advent of some newer technologies, more real-time aspects have become available (real-time chat, interactive mapping, etc.) and we will be implementing these features once the core functionality is completed.